We arrived in Hong Kong wild of hair, wild of eye, deprived of sleep. Exhausted but high on adrenaline. Blame it on our stupid machines and too much coffee. The premiere went by in a blur.

Endless press interviews, photographs, dinners, networking sessions, a declaration in the HKIFF’s official bulletin that Homeless FC received the “fiercest applause of the festival”… we think it all went very well. Call it post-editing stress syndrome. But it’s still a little surreal.

The bits that we do remember:

Hung and Coco arriving in a flurry of tears and sulks. A lovers’ tiff. Neither wanted to back down. But they left the screening, holding hands; smiles all round. Hung said the film reminded him of all the things he holds dear – Coco. Tracy. Family.

Chor Pat looking pensive. It’s been a helluva year for him.

The audience applauding Wai Tung.

David, beside himself with excitement, each time he saw himself on screen.

“That’s MEEEEE! That’s MEEEEEEE!” He half-yelled at least a dozen times to the poor guy sitting next to him (sorry, Ian!).

Ah Lung signing autographs. He’s apparently become the subject of many a young lady’s blog here in Hong Kong. That handsome guy in the homeless documentary.

It’s been a long, hard slog. But it ain’t over yet. We’ve made the film. Now, to get it seen.