Rupendehi. Taulihawa. Kawasoti. Tansen (beautiful Tansen!). Until recently, a string of pretty names on a sheet of paper: stops on a grand tour across Nepal by Sarwanam, the country’s best-known theatre group. They’ve been travelling and performing on the streets. This time, the focus is on women in the peace process. Guess who’s been getting front row seats?

Photos by Mukunda

Stuck and waiting for help. Oh, the perils of venturing off the beaten track.

The only publicity tools you’d ever need – a pair of cymbals and a very loud voice.

Actress Sushma Koirala plays Bina – a woman whose story reflects the lives of so many in Nepal.

He’s famous. The older man on the left is Om Mani, one of the founders of Sarwanam, and probably Nepal’s best-known stage actor.

Tika. Discovered just two weeks before the tour. This boy can sing. Oh boy, can he sing!

Amazing how effective a bit of white chalk can be. Even little kids know not to cross the line.

Fun on the bus. Most of these young ladies are first-time actresses.