Remember the bomb blasts in Kathmandu last September? The ones that left three people dead and scores injured? The press had a field day that day – footage of blown-apart bodies and bits of people flooded our TV screens almost as soon as the tragedy happened.

So. What do you do when you’re accused of masterminding something as heinous as that? You become a politician. The prime suspect of the serial attacks – one of the country’s most wanted criminals – has officially won a seat in Nepal’s Constituent Assembly.

Baban Singh apparently confessed to his crime, but didn’t fancy a noose around his neck, so he decided to get a little bit creative.
Baban, who was never seen in the public during election campaigning, used gimmicks that were probability [sic] never seen or heard before. His wife, daughters and some relatives did the campaigning for him, mostly asking the voters to give him a chance to correct himself and save him from being hanged to death for his crimes.

Clearly, the tactic worked. Baban beat his nearest rival by 2,613 votes. Police say they still want to arrest the man. Problem is, they’ll have to find him first.