Q: What’s a bed doing in the middle of Statue Square?

A: It’s a prop for SoCO‘s demonstration to mark World Habitat Day.

The bed’s actually an example of a cage home – a tiny space that people rent for about HK$900 a month. Landlords typically cram up to 20 of these homes into an 800 sqft apartment and sublet them to those who cannot afford anything better. We once met a guy who lived in a cage home for more than 30 years.

Demonstrators call on the government to eradicate cage homes and provide more public housing for the poor. Spiraling rents have made it harder for many to afford even the most basic accommodation.

The guy on the left is supposed to be Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang. He’s in chains because the protestors say he’s not kept his 2007 election promise to “get the job done”.

Chor Pat does his bit.

Wai Tung in action.

Some of Shamshuipo’s littlest residents. They start ’em young here! We love how Hong Kongers are so politically aware and how protests – like this one – are seen as par for the course in a democratic society.