Two years ago, we made a TV documentary about a little community in Hong Kong that’s paying the price for the city’s excesses. We recently realized that the film is now on Youtube.

Not many people have heard about Lung Kwu Tan, but it used to be an idyllic seaside town, better known for its proximity to some great hiking trails. And then two power plants moved in. And the authorities decided to turn some land into a massive garbage dump. And the whole area became a bit of an industrial hellhole.

The government’s decision makes sense. Lung Kwu Tan is remote – just 2,000 people live there now, a tiny community in a city of millions. Overlooking their outrage is, in a way, necessary for the greater good.

The villagers have a different take on things, of course. Beyond the anger, there is a deep sadness. And an overpowering feeling that they’ve lost something precious, in the name of progress.

This is their story.