And… we’re filming! Her name is Ri Yun Mi. And she wants to be a famous actress.

We spent an afternoon hanging out with students from the Pyongyang University of Dramatic and Cinematic Arts.

Bright young things.

More bright young things.

Kim Un Bom comes from a family of film workers. Dad’s a director, Mum, an actress.

He gamely posed for pictures in a traditional costume.

Kids, singing. We felt really bad when our translator had to tell them to go play somewhere else because they were disrupting our shoot.

Outside the massive Korean Film Studio.

Director Pyo Kwang had a great time showing us around.

The place is huge. This bit here is China Town. There’s also a Japan Town, Old Korea Town and Europe Town.

Japan Town.

An interview with actress Ri Mi Yong.

Kim In Bok. Our guide at the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum. Speaks excellent English. Loves movies. Knows a lot about military hardware.

Mr Kim, Mr Kim and Mr Kim. Our two fixers and driver. One’s an excellent pianist, one loves cold noodles, and one’s a former army captain. Can you tell which is which?