… some dastardly person hacked into this site and started redirecting traffic to a page advertising “Hot Links!”.

We’re sorry it’s taken this long to figure out how to reclaim what’s ours. But we’re back, finally. And we hope never to disappear again.

So what’s happening at Lianain Films?

We’ve just returned from a shoot in Hong Kong, China and the United States.

We’re planning a trip to Kenya to catch up with Zakayo and friends. It’s been a long time since we last met and we’re told exciting things are happening over in Eldoret. The training camp has expanded. The Kenyan team boasts 25 riders now… and there’s even talk of a trip to France in July, where Zak, Mwangi and six other teammates will join thousands of cyclists in a race up Alpe d’Huez.

James meantime, is in the thick of pre-production for his feature film, “Camera“. You should see our office – walls full of drawings and photographs, strange props strewn across the floor, coffee mugs, cookies, ideas… sleep-deprived people, everywhere. The vibe is wonderful.

At night, when no one’s around, we work on “The Great North Korean Picture Show”. We hope to finish it soon. Watch this space.