The Rohingya are a stateless people described by the UN as one of the world’s most persecuted minorities. They are reviled in Myanmar, the country many Rohingya call home, and unwelcome in neighbouring Bangladesh, where tens of thousands live in refugee camps. For decades, they’ve suffered official discrimination from the Myanmar government. But now they could be facing their worst crisis yet.

This film won the first prize at the Human Rights Press Awards in 2013.



Fixers: Shine Win, Rezaur Rahman

Assistant Producer: Kirsten Han

Assembly Editors: Genevieve Lee, Adeline Gan

Assistant Editor: Kevin Yeoh

Production Assistant: Elljay Sim

Special thanks:

Restless Beings, Mabrur Ahmed, Sharon Roobol, Chan Tau Chou, Mr Alam and his team of translators and the many brave activists and refugees in Myanmar, who risked their own safety to help us tell this story.


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