Photo: Lee Xian Jie

What does it take to produce a pair of jeans? In a year-long investigation, we discover an industry tainted by labour rights violations and environmental problems.

Featured on the Daily Mail and by the Voice of America Chinese.

Executive Producer: Sharon Roobol
Camera: James Leong and Kevin Yeoh
Script: Lynn Lee
Editing: James Leong
Research: ‘Chen’
Assistant Producer: Lee Xian Jie
Extra Research: Kirsten Han
Special thanks: Liz Gooch, Tiffany Ang, Liang Pui Kwan, Alex Chan, Karl Borgschulze, Hayley Wong, Chen Huiting, Chan Sze Wan Debby and SACOM for secret footage from ‘Shan’ and in the opening sequence.

Denim Blues aired on Al Jazeera English’s documentary strand 101 East in March 2015.