Poor Aki Ra’s Boys. It’s like our neglected middle child. Overlooked during our mad dash to Hong Kong, our avalanche of tech problems, our crazy start to the New Year. Heck, we even failed to attend its world premiere in Paris in March. That is not to say our second film wasn’t made with care. It’s just that we’ve not had the time to push it quite as much as we should. We’re ashamed to admit we’ve yet to even design a poster.

So imagine our surprise when we discovered three days ago, that tickets for our Singapore premiere were sold out. Maybe we have more friends than we know. Or it could be that people are really only interested in watching the other film.

In any case, we’re very grateful. It’s nice to know we’ll be introducing our work to a full house on Tuesday.

The SIFF is also scheduling a second screening for 7pm at the National Museum on Wednesday the 25th. More details here.