We wanted to lead regular lives for a bit. We really did. It was, we thought, the right thing to do. Time to decompress. Recover from Passabe, Shamshuipo, walks into minefields. Time to slow down a little. Take things easy. Have predictable routines.

And to show we meant business, we packed our bags, returned to Singapore, found a few paying gigs. Heck, we even got ourselves a mortgage.

Which doesn’t explain our move to Nepal. Yep, Kathmandu is going to be our new base until Christmas, maybe a little bit longer. Truth is, we went a little stir crazy after just three weeks of regular living. Maybe it was a case of post-production blues. Maybe we just needed time to adjust. Who knows?

So here we are and here’s the plan for the next six months – a new home; trips to Kenya and France to document Zakayo’s big, bold quest; journeys into the Himalayan peaks and vast Nepali plains. There will be historic elections and sweeping change. There will be new faces and many more new stories to tell. OK, so life’s not so predictable now. But we like it much better this way. Equilibrium restored.