We’re back in Hong Kong. Back in our tiny box in the sky. Back for a film festival, a bit of work and David’s birthday. He turned 50 on the 9th. We found out just before our screening at the Chinese University.

The organizers had invited David, along with Ah Hung and another team member. He showed up, hair neatly combed, a spare tie in his shirt pocket, just in case the occasion demanded it. He had lost weight and was missing a couple of teeth. We thought he didn’t look well but he assured us he was fine. And he was in high spirits.

“I get new teeth soon,” he announced. “How is my English, OK?”

And then later in the day, “Today is my birthday. I am 50. You don’t believe me? I’m not joking.”

During the post-show Q&A, he said he was moving out of his roof-top room soon, to a government flat. He said he was working hard to support his parents and he was still playing football. The audience applauded. He beamed. Unlike Hung, David’s always enjoyed being in the limelight.

“How is my English today? OK?”

“Very good, David.”

“You understand me?”

“Yes, perfectly.”

“Today’s my birthday, you know?”

“Yes, you told us earlier, David.”

“50 years old.”

“Happy birthday!”

We watched as he abruptly turned and walked away, a skinny figure with an uneven shuffle. Unwilling to voice what we both thought, what was obvious to those who know him – David didn’t look at all well. We must visit him soon.