So on Deadline Day, a cup of hot tea topples over, floods the table, and splashes onto the iBook. Mayhem. Everyone leaps up. Someone lifts up the computer, kitchen towels appear. The dog, who had been sitting quietly in a corner until then, suddenly jumps up and goes slightly crazy. It’s a disaster. The computer screen goes black. And despite numerous attempts, refuses to switch on again. Deadline Day.

Mad dash to the Apple Centre. The service staff point us to a separate counter. Tech support is being outsourced to a company called Sapura Synergy Singapore. They suck.

Why? Oh, let us tell you why:

– For demanding $70 just to diagnose the problem.

– For taking the money and then coming up with a diagnosis that’s so off the mark, one wonders if they bothered looking at the computer to begin with.

– For the sheer AUDACITY of trying to charge $1,608 for repairs.
They wanted to change the logic board and the top case. They said the insides of our iBook had corroded because of the tea. We said it didn’t make sense to pay so much. For the money, we might as well put in a little extra and buy a new machine. And then when we were about to leave, they tried to make us change our minds by offering a discount. The repairs would now cost $900 to $1,200. We said we’d think about it.

– For treating us like idiots.
So we took the computer home and asked another repairman to look at it. He showed up, pressed the start button, and the machine came back to life again. Oooh, magic. The repairman said the possibility of unsweetened tea corroding our logic board was pretty darn low. All the computer needed was time to dry out and it was good to go again.

It’s been two days. Everything works.

Sapura Synergy Singapore. They suck.