We’re going to Kazakhstan in May! Aki Ra’s Boys is in competition at the Almaty International Film Festival.

Random facts:

– Kazakhstan is the world’s biggest landlocked country with a total area of 2,717,300 square kilometres.

– “Almaty” literally means “Father of Apples”.

– The word “bank” is misspelled on some Kazakhstani notes, which are apparently still in circulation.

– Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev ran the first post-China leg of the Olympic torch relay. It was said to be a star-studded event with nary a protester in sight.

– Our last encounter with anyone from the country was at the Homeless World Cup in Cape Town, in 2006. The Kazakh Homeless Team beat our friends from Hong Kong, 6-1, then went on to surprise everyone (except themselves) by placing second in the entire tournament.