The doctor ordered a period of complete rest. So, we’re still stuck in Bangkok. In a very nice hotel room, watching endless episodes of The Sopranos, losing too many rounds of Scrabble online, and generally waiting for time to crawl by.

It’s not as fun as we’d initially hoped. Really. We’re feeling kinda excluded from life. Nepal votes today. Historic Polls. And we’re not there. Homeless FC had its Singapore premiere. And we couldn’t be there. Honestly, this complete rest business ain’t much fun.

On the upside, people have been emailing and sms-ing us really encouraging comments about our film. It’s a little silly but hey, we’re human. The messages made us smile. Someone alerted us to this blog post, and it made us laugh. It’s nice – the thought that you, our audience, are as moved by Ah Hung, Ah Lung and Chor Pat’s stories as we were. And yes, we think Coco’s little girl is an absolute darling too.