Hi. My name is Lynn Lee. I am one half of the team known as “Lianain Films”. The other half is James Leong and together, we make documentaries.

This site started out as a way for us to keep in touch with friends and family. But it has since grown to include stories about the people we meet, issues we feel passionately about, and places we’ve seen.

We’ve made three independent feature documentaries.

, our first film, explores the themes of justice and reconciliation in post-conflict East Timor. Aki Ra’s Boys tells the story of two young landmine survivors in Cambodia. And Homeless FC follows a group of homeless men in Hong Kong as they vie for a chance to play in the Homeless World Cup in Cape Town.

We also do a lot of TV work, covering issues from the historic elections in Nepal, to environmental pollution in Hong Kong, to the search for salvation in one of India’s holiest cities. One of our favourite TV projects is about a Nepali army captain who decides to form a blind cricket team after losing his sight in a military ambush.

Our current projects include Migrant Dreams – a TV documentary about the exploitation of Bangladeshi workers in Singapore and Malaysia; Junkiri – about children living behind bars in Nepal; and The Shortest Man in the Village who Can Soar Like an Eagle – about a Kenyan shoeshiner who wants to become the first black person to cycle in the Tour de France.

This site has allowed us to connect with many interesting people from around the world. We are especially grateful to those who bother to write to us with feedback and story ideas. Thanks for dropping by.