Help victims of Cyclone Nargis in Burma.

The numbers are staggering. Up to 100,000 people dead. A million, homeless. Not much more is known because journalists are restricted from entering Burma. The few reports that have emerged so far, paint a bleak picture. Entire families wiped out. Children sleeping next to mosquito-infected puddles. The constant threat of disease. Starvation.

We’ve all read about how incredibly uncooperative the military junta has been – how they’ve continually disrupted attempts at getting aid to the hardest-hit areas. But Burma needs help and our friends at Project Enlighten have decided that they must do something. They’re working with agencies on the Thai-Burma border to get supplies into the country. Their goal this week is to raise US$10,000 for the project.

Project Enlighten is run by the same people behind the Landmine Kids College Fund in Cambodia – people whom we respect and who, we know, will deliver on their promises.

Please help. 100 percent of your donations will go towards directly aiding victims of Cyclone Nargis.

Read Project Enlighten’s press release here.

Donate here.