Hello from Eldoret. Lots to update but the internet connection is incredibly slow. Busy busy times here.

The cyclists have been sprucing up an old pool hall, converting the space into a training camp. They’re painting and cleaning, and fixing doors and walls. And buying beds, and modifying bikes. Yes, busy busy.

The training continues. Nick is organizing a race this Sunday. Winner gets 30,000 shillings. And unlike that fiasco on New Year’s Day, this time, we know for sure that the race is definitely happening.

The cash is a big incentive. Word is spreading fast. Challengers from other parts of the country are making the trip here, hoping to prove that they too deserve some of the attention Zakayo and Mwangi have been getting.

And in other news – Zak had his wisdom tooth removed yesterday. The first time he’s ever been to a dentist. I think we were more shocked than he was when the tooth came out so quickly and cleanly. He’s recovering and promises to turn in another stunning performance this weekend.