We’re back from Rwanda with plenty of photos and stories to share. But all that will just have to wait. Because right now, there’s something far more urgent we have to tell you about.

It’s about the imminent death of a boy called Yong Vui Kong. You might have already heard his name. Read his sorry tale somewhere. That stupid kid who at 19, got busted for trafficking drugs into Singapore.

Vui Kong was caught with 47.27 grams of heroin – he was a runner taking instructions from his so-called ‘Big Brother’. He sits in a prison cell now, waiting to pay for his crime, with his life.
We saw the boy in court last Wednesday. A pale, skinny thing surrounded by four policemen. He had been scheduled to hang on Friday. And his lawyer was trying to convince the judge to stay the execution pending an appeal. The judge agreed. It was a decision no one, least of all Vui Kong, expected. He broke down and cried as he was being led out of the room.
Does Vui Kong deserve to die? The mainstream media in Singapore has been strangely silent about the matter. But there’s been plenty of debate online. We won’t rehash what’s already been said (for more please read this and this). We will instead, share with you, an interview we did with Vui Kong’s older brother, Yun Leong. Please listen to what he has to say:
Vui Kong’s hearing before the Court of Appeal is scheduled for tomorrow at 10am. We plan to be there to lend him and his family our support.