Lovely video by our young friends from the Second Chance campaign. Yay to hope!

Yong Vui Kong will never get to dance barefoot in the park, or jam with his friends, or even play tourist at the Merlion. We made sure of that when we condemned him to death for a non-violent first offence. Never. Because even if he is granted clemency, the best we can hope for is that his sentence be reduced to life in prison. Decades behind bars. The prospect must surely drive anyone to despair. In fact, some people have suggested that campaigners are actually doing Vui Kong a disservice. Death, apparently, is preferable to a total loss of freedom.

Thing is, the boy doesn’t think so. He doesn’t want to die. Hasn’t given up on himself. He’s studying hard and has taught himself how to read and write Chinese. His family say he’s even learning English now. Ravi has a great story of how Vui Kong showed up at their last meeting with a big, heavy dictionary, just so they could communicate better with each other. Even his prison wardens say he’s a changed person. A changed person.

Yong Vui Kong was a boy when we caught him. Now, he wants to be a better man. Surely he deserves a second chance?

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