I still remember what it was like the last time. The Chief Justice’s measured tones, my clenched fists gradually going numb as it became clear the verdict wasn’t going to be in Vui Kong’s favour. The haunted look in Yun Leong’s eyes. The way the judges stood up and walked out without looking back. Vui Kong’s bowed head.

Back then, the issue was whether the mandatory death penalty was constitutional. The Court said yes.

Tomorrow, we get to repeat the ritual. The journey to the Supreme Court. The security checks. The rush for seats. This time, we’ll learn if statements made by Singapore’s Law Minister about Vui Kong and the mandatory death penalty can be considered prejudicial. If the appeal fails, the next step will likely be a clemency petition.

On Facebook, Yun Leong tells us that he’s praying hard. We hope he gets the answer he wants.