John Njoroge had never raced before. But on the 11th of July, he finished 13th in the Etape du Tour. 13th in a field of more than 9,000 cyclists. His time – 3 hours 52 minutes and 13 seconds. He’d covered a distance of 107 km and climbed the Telegraph, Galibier and Alpe d’Huez.

When he crossed the finishing line, there was a huge grin on the little guy’s face (that’s James on the motorbike behind, btw). Small wonder. Until he joined the Kenyan Riders, Njoroge had spent his days delivering great big vats of milk on the back of his made-in-China, one-gear Black Mamba bicycle. He never thought he would ever have a chance to go to France, compete in a cycling race, do so well, or be mobbed by the media.

The rest of the team did spectacularly too. Two riders in the top 20, four in the top 30 and six in the top 50. We can’t wait to join them again this year when they ride in the Tour of Rwanda.