Extras on a North Korean film set

Extras on a North Korean film set

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North Korea’s film industry is a vital tool in the regime’s vast propaganda machinery. Now, for the first time ever, foreign filmmakers have been allowed into the country’s only film school – an elite institution where young talents are trained to create works that will not only entertain, but help shape the psyche of an entire nation.

Kim Un Bom and Ri Yun Mi are two aspiring actors handpicked to become future movie stars. Idealistic and ambitious, they have huge dreams. Their lives are a reflection of how the best and brightest live in the world’s most secretive state. Over at the North Korean Film Studio, Director Pyo Hang is racing to complete the country’s latest blockbuster, a period drama featuring a cast of hundreds. It’s a highly stressful environment and Pyo has his work cut out – he must not only rally his cast and crew, he must deliver a masterpiece that will please his leaders.

Official Selection, Hotdocs 2013

Official Selection, Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival 2013

Official Selection, Southeast Asian Film Festival 2013

In Competition, Dubai International Film Festival 2012

Official Selection, Docville 2013

Official Selection, DMZ Docs 2013

Official Selection, Bergen International Film Festival 2013

Official Selection, San Diego Asian Film Festival 2013

Official Selectin, Docslisboa 2013