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Onwards To Rio

This might come as a surprise to some, but when we first learnt about the Homeless World Cup, we found the whole idea kinda, well, ludicrous. Why spend all that money on a bunch of losers? Why not use it so they can find… HOMES instead? But then we went to Hong Kong. And hung...

Team Hope

2006 was an amazing year for us. That was the year we got to know Hung, Lung, Chor Pat and Tung and the rest of the Dawn Team. It was the year that opened our eyes to a side of Hong Kong we never thought existed. It was the year we journeyed to South Africa...

At Long Last… Homeless FC, The DVD

Produced in collaboration with the good people at Sinema. The very first one’s for Tung, whose been nagging us to get our act together and send him a DVD already. Yes, we know it’s taken some time (OK, an inordinately long time) and we’re very sorry for the delay. What can we say? It’s been...

David’s Card

David’s Christmas card arrived a few days ago. And as usual, reading it made us smile. Dear James and Lynn, he said. I am quite well. I still play football… and at 23th November, I win the 2nd in the 300ft walking-racing. Merry Christmas David. We’re so glad you’re still in touch.


Afternoon With Chor Pat

We hung out with Chor Pat today. He was in good spirits, never mind the fact that he’d just become a victim of this thing they’re calling the Global Financial Crisis. “Lost my job,” he said. “My ex-boss fired a lot of people after losing heavily in the stock market. But I’ve found a new...

They’re Still Playing Football

Gearing up for a big charity match in September.

With Chor Pat, It’s Always About Food

Found this photo from our trip to Hong Kong back in January. The steamboat wasn’t anything to write home about. But the company was great that night.

Homeless In Taiwan

Time to polish up on our Mandarin. Homeless FC has just been invited to the 10th Taipei Film Festival.

What Keeps Him Going?

Someone said after a recent screening of Homeless FC, “That social worker – what keeps him going?” What keeps him going? We’ve been asking ourselves the same question for the longest time. How on earth does Wai Tung do what he does? The organizing and cajoling, the hours spent listening to problems. Even more time...

The Rest

The doctor ordered a period of complete rest. So, we’re still stuck in Bangkok. In a very nice hotel room, watching endless episodes of The Sopranos, losing too many rounds of Scrabble online, and generally waiting for time to crawl by. It’s not as fun as we’d initially hoped. Really. We’re feeling kinda excluded from...

Support The SIFF

Because it’s a minor miracle the festival’s even happening. When we spoke to Festival Director Philip Cheah a few months ago, he said they were just “flying by the seat of their pants”. Some pants. For something put together on a shoestring budget, the lineup looks pretty darn impressive this year. There’s even a new...